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Look fantastic with curls

We always talk closely to our clients’ needs, so we know exactly what beauty treatments to select and what will help them. We offer expert judgement and care in terms of specific products and styles. We’re proud to keep up high levels of communication with all our customers, so we understand the style they’re after and guarantee customer satisfaction. We always ensure the highest standards of beauty therapy and take the utmost care to better health and physical well-being. With years of experience in Kempston, our stylists are professional, caring and knowledgeable, so you’ll be delighted with the result.

We listen to our customers

Go for a full head of highlights to brighten your locks. We'll provide creative shots of colour through your layers to give you a vibrant and colourful touch. Blonde, chocolate brown, caramel or softer, pastel tones, we'll give your hair a makeover that will leave you feeling pampered and pretty. Our stylist takes individual strands and segments of hair, divides them with the utmost care and applies our premium products to them. Blonde or red tones are often used to give hair a multi-colour effect or more warmth, but the world is your oyster! You can go as colourful or as subtle as you like.

Best Hairdresser in Kempston

Our hair salon is the very best, perfectly made to supply a broad range of treatments to choose from, whether you want an edgy pixie cut or a simple wash and blow dry, you’ve come to the right place. Our products depict the quality of Ashley’s Hair Salon's work: used, tested and endorsed by industry experts, they are created to boost, spoil, moisturise and add volume to your locks. Whatever it is you're after, we'll make it happen!


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